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The majority of my day to day business consists of finding and preparing a handful of cars to have ready to roll. I am very picky about the vehicles I purchase. Volvos, BMWs, Mercedes Benz and Audis in the $6,000-$16,000 price range are my specialty. 
I never buy salvaged/flood or otherwise branded cars. Massachusetts has very strict lemon law stipulations and inspections. Before I put on a car on the market for sale, I have each serviced and inspected so they are ready to go regardless of where they are next registered for use.
* If I don't currently have a car that fits your specifications. please let me know what I might try and help you find.
If you have any type of vehicle or boat you would like help selling, please feel free to contact me. High-end antiques and other rare items will be welcomed as well.

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